Seminole High School Band

2013 Superior Ratings for Ensembles

2013 Superior Ratings for Ensembles were awarded to:
Brass Quintet:
Alan Blanchard, Kayla Smith, Adrienne Teffner, Steve Zakai, Cheyne LaBonte

Brass Choir:
All Wind Ensemble Brass

Percussion Choir:
Dorian Hooks, Jesus Fernandez, Zach Borgela, Mason Coker, John Doelle, Chad McGibbon, Brandon Doelle, Jordan Roberson, Alain Joseph, Audrey Colegrove, Martin Schneider, Giselle Rodriguez

Mallet Ensemble:
Kristina Richardson, Brandon De Jesus, Mason Coker, Jacob Rush

Seminole Band program is very proud of the accomplishment of these individual students. Their selection in an Honors Band represents years and years of practice — and the guts to audition for judges. Our soloists have also demonstrated that same dedication and courage.

We must also acknowledge the support of band parents who have paid for years of music lessons, enforced practice hours when needed, and encouraged each student to progress as a musician.

We typically have one of the largest groups at All-County, and are always well represented in All-State. We congratulate the band directors, who are providing a superior music education and creating a culture where excellence is highly valued.

We also acknowledge all the students who auditioned and were not selected. We appreciated your effort and willingness to try, and we wish you all the best for next year

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