2015-16 Glamour Shots Information


Glamour Shots Update

Glamour Shots will be taken on September 22 during school hours. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to have your student photographed so you can share with family and friends!

Click here for the Glamour Shots form. Complete the form, seal it along with the studio fee of $10 in an envelope marked “Glamour Shots” and send in with your student to drop in the payment box in the band room. Credit card or Paypal are options, however these payment methods will only be accepted prior to the photo shoot: contact Dave Brendle for an invoice (contact information is on the Glamour Shots form).

Please turn in your payment and completed form in an envelope to the box in the bandroom office by Tuesday, September 22. Cash or checks (payable to Dave Brendle) will be accepted on the day of the photo shoot, however we would like as many as can pay in advance so that we know who’s pictures we are taking.
All seniors will have their picture taken and each Senior will be given a 5X7 on Senior night. Pictures will only be taken of underclassmen if a completed form, along with payment, has been received.

After Senior Night, Glamour Shots will be available for purchase — by Seniors and Underclassmen — on a special Seminole Band gallery at dbrendle.smugmug.com