Congratulations Class of 2020!!!

The Pride of the Tribe would like to recognize and congratulate our Senior Class.

There are so many talented and wonderful students with so many great hearts and dreams. In the twenty-seven years I have shared the “Dream Big” poem on the first day of school, I can not think of another year that this poem resonates with any louder. The excitement of embarking on a journey, the struggles of life, trusting your instincts and intellect, and, at the same time, finding time for friends, working hard, and trying to make a difference. Remember you are unique and you pass this way once…do it right!!!

No one would have thought the school year would end in such a surreal way, but as students of Seminole High School you have learned to have an unconquered spirit. That spirit will serve you well as you begin the next chapter. Remember the moments that made you laugh and the people you laughed with. And remember you will have many chapters in your book of life that you can “Start something new that will bring the hope of something great”.

Thank you Class of 2020 for great musical performances, great trips, great friendships, and great memories.

P.L. Malcolm and Cheyne LaBonte