Discount Cards

Today students signed out and came home with 2 discount cards for the band’s spring fundraiser.  Each card costs $20 with $10 of that money going into the student’s account.  These funds can be used for band dues or put toward the France trip.  The cards are ready to use and work in the state of Florida.  If you sell cards to folks out of state then that person has to register their card using the website on the front of the card.  They will be asked to link the discount card to a debit or credit card, but their credit card WILL NOT be charged for the year that the discount card is in use.  They will need cancel the “membership” when the discount card expires.
EVERY STUDENT needs to sell two cards or if they choose not to sell, return the cards with a $20 donation ($10 for each card).   Everything needs to be returned before spring break.  If you have any questions as to how the card works or would like more cards please contact Jill McAuley at or Candice Vild at