EPCOT Trip Schedule

The schedule for the trip to EPCOT on December 19, 2015 is:

Time Event
8:00am Report to Band Room/Dress in Uniforms
8:15am Depart SHS
9:30am Arrive at EPCOT/Warm-up/Drive around to Parade stepoff point
10:30am Stepoff of EPCOT Parade
11:00am Load truck with uniforms & equipment
11:30/11:45am Enter EPCOT around Germany for day at the park (Parents who are taking students home with them need to check students out here at this time)
7:00pm Meet at the front of EPCOT
7:30pm Depart EPCOT for SHS
8:30pm Arrive at SHS/Unload Equipment Truck/GO HOME!!!!