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Fall 2020 Band Information

Greetings, SHS Pride of Tribe Families. If you were able to attend our Town Hall last night, much of the information covered in this post will not be news to you.

For those of you who were unable to attend the meeting last night (hosted every Thursday evening at 7PM via WebEx, link to join posted on the band webpage prior to the meeting beginning), we wanted to send some of the pertinent points discussed last night out to you all.

After conferring with all of the high school band directors in Seminole County, as well as a local health department representative, we have decided that at this time, we are not prepared to implement the necessary precautions required to have a safe and successful band camp. Our goal is to keep everyone in our band, school, and community safe. Therefore, all band camps in Seminole County have been canceled. This includes Color Guard Camp (July 22-24), Percussion Camp (July 22-24), Hopoewaw Day (July 25), Band Camp (July 27-July 31), and Leadership Camp.

Leadership: we plan on holding some online meetings upcoming. Band Council meeting – July 21 @ 1:00 pm. During this meeting, discussion points will include: future meetings, repurposing leadership, future goals and philosophies.

Percussion and Guard: you will be receiving information pertaining upcoming sign-ups for rehearsals.

In addition to canceling band camps, the Florida Bandmasters Association has recently announced that all Marching Band MPA performances have been canceled for the upcoming school year. In light of these decisions, we will not be putting together a halftime show this year. After school practices/rehearsals have also been canceled. Currently, we are awaiting a decision from the Florida High School Athletic Association about the future of football season. At this time, I have no additional information about the band participating at football games.

As you determine which of the SCPS reopening models is best for your student and family, I wanted to make sure you were properly informed about how our band classes will be conducted for the upcoming year. Band will not be “business as usual.” In the interest of safety for our students, all band and colorguard classes will be structured so that all playing of instruments or performance of choreography will be practiced at home. Daily lessons will consist of listening activities, music theory, music history and other topic specific lessons until we can resume safely playing/performing in the classroom. This curriculum will be identical for face to face instruction and Seminole Connect. Although we will not be playing instruments in class for at least the first 2-3 weeks of class, you are expected to be practicing at home, now through when school begins. If you will be choosing face to face instruction, we may potentially hold class in the auditorium rather than the band room, to help allow for better social distancing. All of these details are still being arranged.

You have until July 24th to make your final decision regarding which method of schooling your student will be embarking on in the fall. Your options are:

face to face, which is basically coming to school and going to classes on the campus in person (*must wear face masks, must adhere to social distancing restrictions)
Seminole or SCPS Connect, which is a 9 week commitment and entails logging in on your computer from the safety of your home and attending classes as they are being held on campus and follows the regular school day schedule
SCVS or Seminole County Virtual School, which is a semester commitment and entails registering for classes offered through SCVS, pacing is flexible and can be tailored more to your student’s needs and preferences
hybrid, which would be combination of face to face instruction and either SCVS or Seminole Connect (note: IB and Health Academy students can choose face to face, Seminole Connect, or hybrid- the hybrid option would have to be IB and HA classes face to face or through Seminole Connect, as these courses are not offered via SCVS)
If you do not log on and make your decision by July 24, the default option would be face to face instruction. Participation in band class is available with the following options: face to face, Seminole Connect, or hybrid (if the band classes are either face to face or Seminole Connect components). If you have questions regarding any of those options, please consider attending the Facebook live info session hosted by SCPS next week Wednesday, 7/22, 1-2 p.m. or send an email to Also, please update your calendars that the start of the school year has been pushed back to August 17.

Band Registration: Registration Nights will be reformatted into the school days. This upcoming Tuesday night, the band parent association will be meeting. We will be discussing registration and band fees.

FBA All-State Auditions: FBA is planning on moving to VIRTUAL All-State Band auditions for ALL districts across the state. There will be no timpani component for the percussion auditions, and there will be no sight-reading component for any of the auditions. An additional item being discussed outside of the actual audition process is the registration component-registration deadlines, fee collection, and the audition window. More detailed information will be released as plans are finalized.

Please make sure to log onto the band website occasionally throughout the summer, to look for updates and announcements. Spread the word to the other band students and band families you know, if you would.

This school year is going to look different than any other we’ve ever had. We’re going to be working hard to find a way to make music together. Nothing about the way this school year is beginning is easy or normal. Hang in there. We’re going to make it through together.

Stay healthy. Stay Safe.

Mr. Malcolm and Mr. LaBonte

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