Important information for adults participating as Jazz Trip CHAPERONES

(1) (If you have not already done so) Please complete the 2015/2016 SCPS Dividend Application.
You can access it by using this link:

Dividend Registration and Login

(2) Once you are a REGISTERED DIVIDEND, you MUST get fingerprinted. This process can ONLY be done at the SCPS Educational Support Center.
If you have been fingerprinted by SCPS within the last five (5) years of the trip travel dates then your certificate should still be valid.
Please contact SCPS to validate that information.

Cost to get fingerprinted: $41.25

Paperwork: Can ONLY be filled out and completed at the SCPS Educational Support Center. It is not available in advance. You must be a registered Dividend before they will fingerprint you.

Location: 400 E. Lake Mary Blvd., Sanford, FL

Please visit this link to get ALL information about this Seminole County requirement for fingerprinting/criminal background checks:

(3) If you haven’t already done so, send in your installment payments and please go to the Band website to complete the Trip contract as well as paperwork from the tour company, Kaleidoscope Adventures).
You can access it by using this link: