Seminole High School Band

Registration and Band Camp Information 2014

Note: the band camp schedule is available here

Registration Nights
Group Date and Time
Returning Members Thursday July 24, 7:00 PM
New Members Friday July 25
Last Name: A-L 7:00 PM
Last Name: M-Z 7:30 PM

What Happens on Registration Night?

You will be introduced to how the band works, how you volunteer to help, how we raise money and where it all goes to.

  • What are Quarter Days?
  • The band is really going to Hawaii?
  • What is Continuity Wear?
  • Who takes all those band pictures?
  • Uh … what’s a dinkle?
  • My head is spinning … there’s too much information!

We can help with those questions and concerns. Registration night is extremely important to attend!

On this night, you will

  • Pay band dues in full OR make arrangements to go on a payment plan.
  • Fill out Permission to Travel/Medical Treatment Form and get it notarized (free at Registration Night and Band Camp).
  • Pre-Order and pay for the evening meal during band camp. (Students bring their own lunches).
  • Fill out Continuity Wear order form for marching T-shirt and shorts (plus Band Polo for first-time marchers.)
  • First time marchers: order band marching shoes (Dinkles). Returning marchers: order replacements if needed.
  • Get fitted for the band uniform.
  • Pay for instrumental rental ($50 per semester/$100 per year) if you are renting a school instrument.

Parents, join the Band Parent Association. You will be able to purchase a BPA t-shirt with a paid membership.

We recommend you print the forms in advance and fill out what you can (available here).

Band Camp!

Band Camp runs from Monday, July 28 to Friday, August 1, from 9 AM to 9 PM. All band members are required to attend. There is an additional required day for all new students, Hopoewaw Day, which occurs on the Saturday before, July 26 from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Important Guidelines for Band Camp


Breakfast: Make sure you eat a sufficient breakfast every morning, including whole grain (complex carbohydrates) and protein. Band Camp requires a lot of stamina, so make sure your body is fueled well. One bowl of cheerios or one slice of toast with jam will NOT be enough to carry you through lunch.

Lunch: You must bring a lunch or snack from home.

Dinner: For your convenience, the Band Parents provide dinner in the cafeteria every day during band camp that you order at registration. All meals come with a bag of chips, cookies and choice of soda or water. You can order a double-portion on any day for additional cost. Pay for these meals at registration night. Or, if you prefer you can bring a bagged dinner from home every day.

Supplies and Preparation Checklist for Band Camp and Hopoewaw Day:

  • Get lots of sleep. Marching and sleepy students do not mix well.
  • Shorts recommended, within dress code. Long jeans will be too hot. Long pants in a thinner material will be fine.
  • Light-colored T-shirt that covers your shoulders. Dark colors absorb heat. Tank tops do not protect your shoulders and the back of your neck, which are typical danger spots for skin cancer.
  • Hat that protects your face and neck.
  • Sunscreen. UV-A and UV-B protection.
  • Sunglasses
  • Tennis shoes. No sandals, no flip flops. You cannot march in those.
  • Socks. Your feet are going to sweat…
  • Big container of water or camelback. (minimum 2 liters)
  • Ear plugs for percussion.


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