Snow Cones 2013-2014

There’s a money machine sitting in our closet! Just a few months ago we were making as much as $75-$100 PER DAY with our Snow Cone machine and we’d love to get it up and going again, especially from now till the end of school. We would like to assemble a Snow Cone Team of just a handful of people who would be willing to volunteer a couple of hours each week to get this simple but HUGE money maker back in business. You would come to school approximately 45 min. to an hour prior to dismissal to grind up some ice and wheel the cart out to the spot where students have come to expect it and show up in droves for their favorite treat. Then, just a little wipe down, back into the closet, and she’s ready for the next day’s volunteer. Anyone interested may contact for more information. For each parent that works the after school snow cones your student will earn $10 in their student account.