Special Thank You to all the Marching Band Festival Volunteers

I would like to send a special thanks to all the volunteers for this weekend’s Marching Band Festival. It was a long hot day and everybody put in a tremendous effort to ensure its success. From handing out food, chaperoning, loading and unloading equipment and of course water, water, water, everyone worked wherever they were needed and pitched in with a smile and laugh.

I would love to list names but I know I would forget someone but to the Event staff, Chaperones, Equipment Crew and Medical Volunteers and even the parents who showed up to cheer, the Band Parents Board say Thank you for all your time and effort, not just for Saturday, but for every time you come with a cheerful smile ready to help!

I know the Directors and Students are very thankful also and showed it with a phenomenal performance! If you didn’t get to see it I am sure it will be on YouTube or a Band Website near you soon.

Thank you again!

Barton Cole
VP Events