The Hawaii Trip and Fund Raising Success Stories

At this time, there are 148 participants planning on going on our Hawaii trip.
27 chaperones, 2 band directors and 119 students (including 5 8th graders) are working toward going to this once-in-a -high-school-band-career event.

It’s going to take a lot of commitment to get us all to Hawaii, and many of the recent events have shown that we can do it!

Seeing this was our first BBQ event, the Pearl Harbor Day BBQ Fundraiser that happened in December was a big success.
Around 50 students sold about 200 tickets in all: earning $1000 total for student accounts.
The walk ups and bake sale paid for the expense of the BBQ, and the Hawaii pot earned around $1000.

There are more events coming up, including our repeating Quarter Days events that help put money in student accounts. We hope to have another BBQ before the end of the school year.
In addition, we are getting ready to roll out the Enjoy the City fundraiser. We are also looking at restaurant nights and car washes in the near future.

Keep working! Hawaii, here we come!

December 2013 BBQ

December 2013 BBQ