Enjoy the City Fundraiser: Extended to Monday, February 24

The Enjoy the City was originally due on Friday, February 21. We have decided to extend until Monday, February 24 so you can have another weekend to sell.

You do not have to wait until the end of the fundraiser to turn in the money. Just fill out an envelope with your name, Enjoy the City and the amount. Log it and place in the safe in the band office. You will receive the books within one day and you can still continue to sell.

Congratulations to Dolan Katker our top seller so far. Dolan has sold 25 books earning $200 for her student account. She also received 5 free books which she can sell for another $100 and put in her student account to use for the Hawaii trip or student dues for next year.

These books are an easy sell. Just using the grocery coupons alone will pay for the book and you earn $8 for the student account for each book sold. There are many additional savings for movies, bowling, restaurants and activities.

If you have questions, please contact Sallie Clark at hawaiitrip@seminiolehsband.org