Information for New Members and Parents

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Click on the Band Pamphlet for 2021-2022


Band Pamphlet 2021 PDF


Steps in Joining the Band and Guard

(Students and Parents please read and do the following instructions)

Band can create some of the greatest experiences, memories, and friendships while you are in high school, but understand the first step is making a commitment. A good attitude, practice, effort, and hard work will ensure success not only for you but the entire program. Financial obligations are necessary to fund the many different operations of the band and it is important to meet those obligations in a timely manner. Parents and guardians are needed to support those financial obligations but also their time as chaperones and helpful hands to the band parent association. With those understandings…..we are looking forward in having you join The Pride of the Tribe!!!!!

1. Click the hyperlink below to register with the band. This step is crucial for all new and returning band members. This helps  the directors determine membership, class placements, instrumentation, and numbers for charting the halftime show.

Click Here for the Online Band Registration Form

2.  Speak to or email your guidance counselor: make sure they know you should be registered into band or the guard class.

           Percussion class – 1st period (main campus)

          9th grade Brass player – 6th period (9th grade center)

          9th grade Woodwind player – 5th period (9GC)

          Those who like to ADD jazz – 7th period (9GC)

          Guard Members – 6th period (MC)

3.  Attend the Spring training session – Mandatory for Band and Guard Members – Dates May 21st and 22nd

4.  Students and legal guardians attend the registration night. See information below about

     registration night.

5.  Attend new member band camp. Click on hyperlink for the Band Camp Schedule.

6.  Attend mandatory band camp. See Band Camp Schedule.

7.  If you any have questions, please call the band room at (407) 320-5161, or email the directors at (Malcolm) or (LaBonte).


Please feel to click on the different tabs to learn about the band program. We will be updating the website over the next few weeks. Adding a specific Band Camp tab to give you the latest information in regards Seminole Calendar and registration forms.