Band Leadership

Congratulations students on being selected leaders in your program. Your band directors are going to possibly need you more than ever.

These videos were created to help student leaders perform their jobs in a “normal” environment.  I wish I could say that everything is going to be fine and we will be resuming normal practices, however, we are unsure at this time what the fall has in store for us. So sometimes even the best made plans might have to be scraped for a plan B, C….Z.

Use these videos to inspire your creativity in solving problems. Sometimes I think the best leaders are not the ones that are telling people what to do, but observing and figuring out ways to get things done.

Remember your band director(s) is going to be your best resource. Make sure you are communicating ideas to them.

You probably want to start with the keynote presentation video entitled. “I’ve been selected as a leader, now what?”.  Then go to the video “What does it mean to be a leader”.

Best of luck to you all.

Clicking the link will take you to the videos. Student Leadership videos 2022 SCPS Band Leadership Camp Click the following link for a Leadership Handbook Leadership Manual Click the following link for the To-Do Lesson to do lesson   The following link will take you to the leadership application. Leadership Application 2022 The following link will take you to the Drum Major/Field Commander recording. (Sweet Georgia Brown)