Submitting Receipts

If you are not a board member, please check with the President or President-Elect before
incurring any reimbursable expenses, unless you have been asked to buy something
directly by the band directors.
If you are a committee member, please check with your chair before incurring any
reimbursable expenses. The committee chair is responsible for managing the total budget
of their event.

  1. Please fill out the Seminole High School Band Parent Association Check Requisition Form
  2.  Please provide original or copy of full receipt.
  3. Tape receipt to a white 8.5 x 11-inch sheet of paper and attach to Check Requisition Form
  4. Mark on the page EXACTLY what function the purchase is for, i.e. “Seminole Band Festival,” “Middle School Night,” “Office supplies,” “Water”, etc. If you are not sure, please check with your committee chairperson, the President or a board member for the correct description.
  5. Indicate who authorized the purchase.
  6. You may put as many receipts and descriptions as will fit on a single page, as long as they don’t hang off the page.
  7. Place page(s) with receipt(s) in a legal-size envelope (those are the long ones…)
  8. Write “RECEIPTS” on the envelope.
  9. Send the envelope to school with your student, and have him/her place the envelope in the safe in the band office.