Fundraising makes a good band great!

Did you know that our band membership is over 200 students! Your Fundraising Committee is hard at work planning several exciting projects (golf tournament, wine tasting and more) to keep up with the very real needs of an ever expanding Pride of the Tribe. It will require the efforts of our entire “band family” to insure that each of these musicians has music, instruments, uniforms, etc., and we encourage you to stay informed as our menu of fundraising opportunities takes shape to choose the ways that you could best serve. Projects such as these are an integral part of band life, and many hands make for light work!

Why do we need to fundraise and how is the money used?

The band program spends money throughout the year:

  • Having guest clinicians during band camp
  • Buying rights to the music that we play during marching season and concert season
  • Renting a moving van for each away game, paying for tolls and gasoline (gasp!)
  • Dry cleaning all marching uniforms several times a year
  • Dry cleaning tuxes and gowns during concert season
  • Entry fees to festivals
  • Catering Senior Night
  • Scholarships for a limited number of students
  • Maintaining school-owned instruments
  • Purchasing school-owned instruments
  • Renting a hall for Band Banquet and catering.

The school gives us a certain amount every year but we typically need to raise an additional $85,000 per year to cover the Band’s expenses. To pay these bills, the Band Parent Association raises funds throughout the year — e.g.

  • Band dues
  • Dues from membership in the Band Parent Association
  • Selling photo-CDs and DVDs of the band
  • Silent auction during the winter band concert
  • Selling cold drinks, snacks and locks during Schedule Pickup
  • Selling spirit wear
  • Selling Chic-fil-a at football games
  • Working in the concession stands (we receive a percentage of the profits from the Seminole Boosters)
  • Selling cheesecakes, Christmas trees, advertising

Ongoing Programs