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  • Welcome to our Website!!!

    Chehuntamo (pronounced chee-hun-tah-moh) means “hello” in the Miccosukee language. Chehuntamo Everyone, Welcome to the Seminole High School Band website. Whether you are new to our program, a current member, part of the alumni, parent or guardian, or just a band fan, we want you to feel like family. We hope this website becomes a place you will come back to again and again to find the latest news, upcoming events, and of course, our fabulous Seminole performances and pictures! Click under the Calendar Section to see the most revised Band Calendar for the school year. Registration Form and Band Fees are Due!!! Students please go under the registration tab and…

  • Band Leadership

    Congratulations students on being selected leaders in your program. Your band directors are going to possibly need you more than ever. These videos were created to help student leaders perform their jobs in a “normal” environment.  I wish I could say that everything is going to be fine and we will be resuming normal practices, however, we are unsure at this time what the fall has in store for us. So sometimes even the best made plans might have to be scraped for a plan B, C….Z. Use these videos to inspire your creativity in solving problems. Sometimes I think the best leaders are not the ones that are telling…

  • Congratulations Class of 2020!!!

    The Pride of the Tribe would like to recognize and congratulate our Senior Class. There are so many talented and wonderful students with so many great hearts and dreams. In the twenty-seven years I have shared the “Dream Big” poem on the first day of school, I can not think of another year that this poem resonates with any louder. The excitement of embarking on a journey, the struggles of life, trusting your instincts and intellect, and, at the same time, finding time for friends, working hard, and trying to make a difference. Remember you are unique and you pass this way once…do it right!!! No one would have thought…