Quarter Days

“Quarter Days” are a great way for students to earn money for their individual student accounts (for band fees and trips)! Students have the opportunity to sign-up for shifts (typically 4 hours) to represent the Seminole High School Band by playing their instrument, talking with the public and accepting public donations in support of the band. We schedule “Quarter Days” on weekends, all around town, typically at local grocery stores and retailers, throughout the year. Students (and parent chaperones) can sign-up for Quarter Days by viewing the Quarter Days schedule (on the SHS Band website) and then by signing up on the Sign Up Genius website. To View the Current Quarter Day Schedule: Sign Up Genius You will also, typically, receive a reminder email or text, the day prior to your assigned Quarter Day shift. But remember…..IT IS EACH STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO REMEMBER THEIR ASSIGNED QD SHIFTS AND TO SHOW UP, ON-TIME AND PREPARED TO FULLY PARTICIPATE. Parents….please plan to volunteer to chaperone with your student at Quarter Days….we can’t do a Quarter Day without chaperones! Each Quarter Day shift needs 3-4 students and 2 chaperones. Of the funds raised each shift, 20% will be deposited into the band’s general fund account, each parent chaperone will earn $10 towards their student’s account each time they chaperone a shift, and the remaining balance will be evenly split between the students who participated and deposited into their individual accounts. If you have questions….please contact the Quarter Days Coordinator at quarterdays@seminolehsband.org