During Winter Break of the 2023-2024 school year, The Pride of the Tribe has been invited to attend the Rome New Year’s Day Parade in Rome, Italy. This is a tremendous opportunity for our students to experience international travel. Some of the highlights of the trip will be: touring the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel, not to mention experiencing the food and the culture!

Rome Pamphlet
Rome Parade

If you are interested in your student going on this trip, please fill out the trip interest form


Who is eligible to go on this trip?
-students who will be enrolled at Seminole High School during the 2023-2024 school year in the band and guard, as well as chaperones who (1) are approved dividends for the 2023-2024 school year (application opens in August) (2) are 21 years old or older (3) have been fingerprinted through Seminole County Public Schools

How much does this trip cost?
-the approximate cost of this trip is $3700 per person (*there is a chance that this amount could shift, due to unforeseen price changes in things beyond our control, such as the cost of airfare, but it shouldn’t shift much)

How do I submit my payments?
-the absolute easiest way for our treasurers to be able to track your trip payments is for you to print the payment slips form and send in a check with the payment slip in a sealed envelope for your student to deposit in the safe in the band room office. Each person going on the trip needs a payment slip filled out for each trip fee submitted.

Are there any fundraising opportunities available to help pay for this trip?
-Yes! Students and chaperones can sign up for Quarterdays, parents can sign up for after school snow cone sales during the warmer months. Portions of funds raised are allocated directly towards a student’s account.

Can I ask someone to donate directly to my student’s trip fund?
-if a family member or community member would like to donate directly to a student’s trip fund, they can send in cash or a check to the school with the student’s name clearly marked somewhere as well as “trip donation.” There is a letter requesting donations/sponsorships students may print and use, if they’d like to.
Donation to Student Letter
General Band Rome Donation Letter

How are chaperones approved to go on the trip?

  1. Complete the Dividend Volunteer application
  2. Contact Misa Mills and request a background screening for overnight chaperone
  3. Volunteer will be emailed the required documents
  4. Volunteer will email completed documents back to Misa Mills
  5. Once documents are received by Misa Mills an email with the fingerprint appointment link will be sent to the volunteer
  6. Volunteers will receive an approval email from Misa Mills

Pay for the Rome trip by Credit Card

Student Name